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Kettlestack: Adjustable Kettlebell

Click Here To Buy Kettlestack: Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable Kettlebells - Same as the Real Thing,
at a Fraction of the Cost!

Save BIG on adjustable kettlebells, the cost effective alternative to the fixed-weight Russian kettlebell.
Why buy an entire set of kettlebells that are either too heavy or too light right out of the box? Adjustable weight kettlebells give you the freedom to increase or decrease the weight to give you the ultimate kettlebell workout and achieve maximum results - faster!

Kettlestack Handles

Kettlestack Handles Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handles are safe, high quality, kettlebell alternatives that grow with you!

The Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handle uses your weights - designed with standard (1" ID hole) plates in mind, but they will work with metric plates and Olympic (2" ID hole) plates.

Each Kettlestack Includes:
  • Heavy Duty ABS plastic grip (~1 3/8" diameter) with Spring steel band, custom hexaxle, hex allen key, Heavy duty 1/2x13 grade8 hardware.

  • BASE: stainless steel band one 3" and one 4" high grade button head socket bolts.

  • MID: stainless steel band two 3" and two 4" high grade button head socket bolts.

  • HIGH: blue tempered band two 3" and two 4" high grade button head socket bolts.

Kettlestack Adjustable Kettlebell Handles

Adjustable Kettlebell Handle System

Buy Now
(Pricing Information)



Why kettlebell training- why not just dumbbells ?
A pair of Kettlestacks adjustable kettlebells can serve as a great little homegym  much more effectively than DBs; With a variety of functional motions, you swing, pull and press the Kettlestacks between the uniquely advantageous kettlebell positions (swing,rack, lock) to develop a wide range of fast, convenient and fluid workouts.

Testimonials on Adjustable Kettle bells : A whole world of  Real happy customers.

I have always enjoyed doing snatches and cleans and the kettlebell versions are quite explosive, closer to competitive movements than I have felt with pulling and pushing barbells and dumbbells.  It (kettlestacks) is an amazing supplement to the practical old school barbell and dumbbell exercises that wrestlers, field athletes have always incorporated into their training.  The thick handles are a bonus for gripping strength, no straps needed here.

Varying the weight is very fast and simple as you advertised and there is no worrying about anything breaking on a missed pull or push. I controlled dropped a 105 pound one arm repetitive kettlebell clean on a missed 4th set.  No damage, no problem, Next set, all set to go.  My friend  spent a couple of hundred dollars for a set of  quick change dumbbells and they are not made to be dropped at all.  Let's just say he is lucky that his father is a welder.

No adjustable dumbbells on the market today with cheap plastic parts can match these tough kettlebell handles using solid steel plates..   Simple, tough and practical.  Who could ask for more?  Undersold is an UNDERSTATEMENT on your marketing.  I have the Mike Mahler kettlebell DVD.  The Kettlestack kettlebell handles and his DVD are a killer combination.  DW BC, Canada

I just returned form Brazil, I fought in the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu World Championship the last weekend of july in the Adult division - brown belt - Medium Weight. And I am back home with a Bronze Medal : not only is this very good for a non Brazilian, but it is a major improvement for me as last year I took 5th in the Purple Belt division. I really want to give credit to this versatile tool you have provided me with: the Kettlestack.  I have been using kettlestacks as my only implement for Strength and conditionning for more than a year and my conditionning has dramaticly improved.

I have been a black belt in Judo for more that 10 years, and hold a Brown Belt In jiu-jitsu from Carlos Gracie Jr as I represent The Gracie Barra Academy in france, I Know how important conditionning is, and, as a 29 year old that works full time as an enginer and spend long hours in the Dojo for practice and sparring, I don?t have extra time to go to a regular gym.  I have used Kettlestacks with weights ranging form 16 to 25 kilos and have practiced the Olympic lifts (like the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk) in circuit style routines together with bodyweight exercices. I have reduced the time I dedicate to Strength and conditionning and was able to spend more time praticing technical skills.The quality and the durability of the Handle is really perfect and I am ordering an other pair of your Handles to keep one at the Dojo. MS, France

Everything was great and he loves them!  I appreciate you getting the information for me on where to get the weights--the guys at Play it Again Sports were very helpful. (JG,MO buying&assembling Kstacks for her boyfriend)

Forgive me, i've just returned from a long hiatus. I will be utilizing this fully for  my preparation for SFAS Round 2. Thank you  and continue to make a great product. CD, Sgt US Army

No buyers letdown here, they're just  what you said they were. Great product and company- Thanks!   MT, Tucson, AZ

I have had the kettlestacks for a week and they work great.  I am so happy I went with your product rather than a solid kettlebell.  Being able to increase the weight in increments is very important when your doing challenging ballistic exercises.  I quickly found out that 1 1/2 pood kettlebell would have been way to heavy.  The 38 lbs. I've got set up is a great start for me in the ballistic moves, but I can set up more weight for the grinds in minutes.  Thank you for such a good product.  A.S. BC

I liked my first two so much that I am buying two more. Great product. (CA , Texas, 1mnth after 1st)

I've received my Kettlestack adjustable kettlebells. I am extremely happy about the product and my fitness and strenght has taken on a complete new dimension!  I am already training with 30kg bells...  Thank you for the great service!  In South-Africa if you send mail,your lucky if the other person ever gets it!  ...  It's so much fun training with the kettlebells...I will never go to a gym again!  Regards ST,  South Africa

I got the Kettlestack, and had already downloaded some routines from The first day I started out pretty pumped up and hit it hard.It made me puke, this is more than I had hoped for, you have gained a devoted customer. If there is anything I can do to help get the word out don't hesitate to let me know.Thank you again!! Ssgt B, USMC, Ridgecrest,CA

Just got my Kettlestack today in the mail, and I am impressed.  Immediately put 5 ten pound plates on it, and did the Secret Service Snatch test in my office!  Got 148 reps in 10 minutes with no gloves, and no hand discomfort!  Very nice smooth handle.  So far I am duly impressed.  KB West Virginia

I love them...I was just on my way out for some clean & jerks actually. The adjustments are easy and quick which is great while training other people.  In fact it's the best equipment purchase I've made in along time...I'm so glad I did not go with an imposter kettlestack. Anyway it's exceeded my expectations and I'm very happy. KK, Ohio

I bought your Kettlestacks a few weeks ago. My fiance and I have been using them for the last few weeks and we both have had excellent results so far. We both like the ability to add weight incrementally as our skills and strength progress. Your product is exactly as advertised. Thanks for making such a fine product.  MH, Florida

The Kettlestack is what it is, great product! I don't know why I waited and poked around the website for months.   EG, FL

I bought a KettleStack (adjustable kettlebell) a month ago and have been very satisfied with the product. Once you've assembled it with the weight you want, it remains solid and sturdy. I've performed countless swings, snatches and clean and jerks with my KettleStack and never heard any clanging of plates. It's a well-crafted piece of equipment that I highly recommend.. JC ,  California

Thanks for such a great product!  I love these things. NT Boston,MA

By the way,the Kettle stack (adjustable kettlebell) is the greatest fitness invention of all time. SD,Billerica,MA

Kettlestacks are for real, they work great!  BL, Florida

The delivery (of the Kettlestack) was quick and the assembly was even easier than I had expected. Also, despite my worries about how well it will work with Olympic plates, it has been very OK.  Tks once again and best regards, OU, Finland

I'm very impressed with the quality of the Kettlestack (adjustable kettlebell) and truly impressed with the speed of the shipping.  Great job and I appreciate the followup email.  It's only January and you already earned the 2005 Company of the Year Award.   IR, Juneau, Alaska

I'm new to kettlebells, and I love this thing so far.  I've been training  capoeira for years, and also rock climbing.  I've got my kettlestack  (adjustable kettlebell)  loaded up with 45lbs, and I'm trying some of the exercises in Pavel's  Kettlebell Challenge book.  Good stuff.  I'll recommend them to friends.    SH,  NY

Letting you know that the Kettlestacks (adjustable kettlebells)  have arrived. My husband and i spent the weekend playing with them and we are very impressed to say the least. Excellent quality! We own a *** (adjustable kettlebell) handle (which my husband has never liked) and it dosen't even compare to the Kettlestack.  The feel of the Kettlestack is supberb and we can honestly say that there was no noticible difference with our original kettlebell and the Kettlestack (except of course that the Kettlestack is adjustable and can easily be taken with us on our frequent travels), congratulations on a fine product!           JS, Sweden

I've been using my (Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell) handles about 2 months, and I couldn't be happier with them. Your product: is rock solid, easy to use, ingenious and cost effective...I had planned to buy a solid "KB" next paycheck, but I want another "KS" first.    GL,  Los Angeles,CA

Hi,this is a great design  built right.Thanks  NM, South Carolina


I like the fact that I'm able to change the weights with this unit as my sons (age fourteen) can use it also. They think I dream this stuff up to torture them. We're trying to get Mom involved also.   Thanks for a quality product and good service. DS, Bonita,California

Great product by the way, having a blast with it.  In a few months my Krav Maga workouts should be really cranking.  I'll send photos via the customer page when I'm ready.   KB, Colorado

I have worked with a wide variety of solid kettlebells.  Most of them have come out of Russia, but I have also trained with Polish, Hungarian, and Czech variations in addition to kettlebells produced in England and Germany.  The one thing that I appreciate the most about kettlestacks (adjustable kettlebells) is the greater distance between the portion of the handle which you grip and the core.  This distance is greater than any of the bells I have worked with so far, and means that there is no danger of having to let the wrist  fall back even the slightest bit to avoid the ball (core) hitting the back of the wrist.  With the stacks, you can even flex your wrist slightly forward and the core will still be on your forearm where it belongs, and not your wrist.  In addition to that, the stability of a k-stack is superb, and adjusting weight is easy.   Instead of having 12 kettlebells filling my living room, I could have two k-stack handles and a pile of plates and be good to go.  Kettlestacks  cover the spectrum from 10 kg to 48 kg (less than 1 pood all the way to 3 pood) quite perfectly as well.Excellent product, and excellent product knowledge from the provider!Highly recommended. MB,Germany(fka

I just received my order today, which is in good time (6days to Singapore).  This is a very nice product and feels really solid.  No looseness at all.  For a adjustable kettlebell handle, the form of it functions like an actual kettlebell .  Truly a mould of the original.  Other products are just bars or a bent bar, lacking the thickness and curve.A great design!  I will tell all my gym going freinds.The delivery charges is really reasonable.No need to pay for heavy bars or the actual kettlebell. EH, Singapore

The last config you  proposed (1 2 | 5 1 5 1 5 | 2 1) (24kg) is just about perfect (for the Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell). I have put the axle in the third hole which gives me a more controlable flipping and a smooth landing on the snatch. The rack position in the clean is finaly confortable. Did three workout with this config. and think it's very very good.I cannot wait to try the two hands drills, but I think I will have to relearn every thing in order to do correct double clean and start very light.   It is really worth trying the  right  config. Thanks for your help.  MS,  France     (Customer had  odd sized metric plates)

To whom it may concern I purchased a pair of the kettle stacks a few months ago (@5) and I think theyre great, I also train with some of the other kettle bell products but the adjustability and price of yours is  great, not to mention the fact I think your customer service is an A+.. JP, San Jose , Ca

I received everything the day after as promised.  I got my first use this Sunday.  Very Cool!  Thanks for the help, and the follow-up.  Way above average service.  KUDOS.            MA , New Jersey

I am really impressed with the design.Far and away the best adjustable (kettlebell) handle on the market. Thanks for a great product. JT,Iowa

The Kettlestack (adjustable kettlebell) used some nice hardware and didn't try to save 5 cents. As for the handle ... it's sweet and it's strong.  I have dropped mine on the handle and it didn't brake.  In use, I have no preference between kettlestacks and kettlebells.      MF, Minneapolis

You should know that others appreciate the product for reasons other than saving on shipping costs. Hope this can serve as some positive feedback for what you have done. It's appreciated on many levels - as a real design triumph, backed up by wonderful service, and most importantly...a functional piece of training equipment.                  PN, Fargo ,ND

All in all I really like your product so far, it is confortable and mimicks the kettlebell excellently and I am now enjoying the benifits of swings, snatches etc at a fraction of the cost!                DS, England

Just got my first Kettlestack  (adjustable kettlebell). I love it. Feels just like regular kettlebells. The cost is equal to the shipping cost of some kettlebells!    SL, Brooklyn, New York

They came on Friday....and work great!  Thanks, super product.      MB, Andover, MN

  hi, Thanks for the kettlestack (adjustable kettlebell) handle,great product,nice to be able to use different weights,highly recommend to anyone.   JD, England is a US based firm that designs (patent pending), builds, tests and backs up our Kettlestack product.  Kettlestack has provided value, quality and service to our customers over and over and over  :





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