Food Delivery Service

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Fresh, Healthy Food Delivered To You

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How it Works

Conveniently place your order with PurFoods Fitness either by phone or online.

Choose your optimum calorie level and have either 5 or 7 days of food delivered to you each week. A day’s worth of food consists of 3 meals and up to 3 snacks - depending on the number of calories you choose to order, click here to order now.

We package your fresh meals using a cutting-edge USDA-approved packaging method. Using NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES, Fitness meals maintain a shelf-life, upon delivery to you, of 14 days on salads and 24 days on meals. In the buying process you will have the opportunity to choose all of your own meals or have us select your menu based on your food preferences. You can have your menu designed to include only the recipes you like or exclude any ingredients you don't like.

Your fresh meals are shipped in a customized, refrigerated cooler packed with coolant. No dry ice is used. Designed to keep the temperature between 34 and 44 degrees for as long as 60 hours from the time of shipment, this refrigerated cooler will ensure your meals arrive fresh to you. Your meals are delivered using FedEx and UPS, so you can be sure your food will arrive on time each week.

Convenient Heating/Eating instructions are on the top label of each meal. I recommend not using a microwave for health reasons.


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