Fitness Questions and Answers

How can I get rid of the fat behind my thighs under my butt.

I'm trying to get washboard abdominals, and even though I’m in the gym two hours a day, nothing seems to work. I work out an hour with weights and do an hour of cardio. What do I need to do to get washboard abs?

I'm 36 years of age and being on a diet and exercise plan, but having difficulty losing weight and can't understand why?

I have a few questions for you about working out. Is it better to work out the entire body for 3-4 days or work out each muscle group for the whole week? My friend takes like protein shake stuff so we were just thinking which would be better.

I thought I see if I could ask you real quick a question I have a about fitness. If the main concentration is to lose weight....cardio first or lifting weights first?

I want to know what is the easiest way to lose weight.  No Gimmicks!?  Of course I am overweight or I would not be asking this. I tried everything from working out to Atkins.  I am tired of being this way.