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Learn the Secrets to losing weight quickly and effectively with an exercise program designed for you to keep the weight off permanently.



Do you have a keg instead of a six pack? Or love handles instead of an hourglass figure? Are you tired of going to the gym and never seeing results? Does it seem like your trainer doesn't know what the hell they are doing? Or maybe you can't afford a trainer. Do you want to start exercising, but don't know where to start? If you have answered yes to even one of these questions then Scott White's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! is for you!


In Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! Scott has designed a series of exercise programs that are specifically designed for people who have never exercised or who have, but never seem to get the results they desire. 


Scott's program emphasizes strength and conditioning training (weight training) to help you build muscle and lose weight, because it is only with increased muscle mass that you can lose weight. Muscles allow your body to burn fat more quickly and chances are if you are buying this program it is because you are looking to lose weight. So let Scott teach you how to achieve the body of your dreams today.


The first section of the Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! program begins with a 12-week program for shedding fat. This intense program will help you get started on your road to better health by allowing you to shed weight quickly to keep you motivated. Starting an exercise program is always difficult, so Scott has designed a program that allows you to achieve results quickly so that you do not lose momentum. Because let's face it, when you're losing pounds and inches you are much more likely to stick with a program.


Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! also offers training programs that teach you how to properly use exercise machines either at the gym or at home and which exercises are the most beneficial to building muscle and losing fat. Learn the core exercises that will flatten your stomach, reduce your waistline while shaping and toning your entire body, for a leaner more physically fit you. Learn how to safely and effectively use exercise machines to work for you.


For those of you who are too busy to go to the gym or maybe just can't afford a costly gym membership, Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! offers an at home training program.


This program will teach you how to workout without using machines, using your own body as resistance. This program is great for people with busy lifestyles who don't have a lot of extra time for exercising and combined with Scott's Swiss ball workout, that can also be performed at home, you are sure to make the body of your dreams a reality.


As I just mentioned, one of the other innovative workout programs, is Scott's Swiss ball workout. Swiss balls are one of the hottest exercise tools on the market today and Scott's program will teach you the most effective exercises to get the most out of your workout. Swiss balls are also a very low cost way to stay in shape. The balls themselves are reasonably priced, you can find several to choose from by clicking here, and all of the exercises can be performed at home, the gym, the office or even on vacation. All you have to do is deflate your ball and it will easily fit into your suitcase. The only limits to your workout is your own imagination.


In addition to all of these amazing exercise programs Scott White's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! also offers you daily log pages and a calendar to keep track of your progress. One of the key ingredients to losing weight and getting into shape is to chart the progress you have made, because if you don't know where you've been and how much you have achieved, then how will you know where you are going. When you reach a plateau and become discouraged it is important to remind yourself how much progress you have made. You deserve a pat on the back for all of the hard work you have done.


In fact Scott wants to pat you on the back for making the decision to get healthy and get in shape. Today you have taken the first step in reclaiming your life, and the sky is the limit.



Like most women, I gained quite a bit of weight while I was pregnant. Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! has helped me shed that unwanted baby fat, while helping me to tone and shape my stomach, as well as the rest of my body. Now I look even better than before the baby.



Scott White's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results changed my life! I have been overweight my entire life. I've tried to diet, I've even tried exercising, but nothing has ever really worked. Well my sister, who lives in Arizona is a client of Scott's and for a birthday present she purchased his new Beginner's Exercise guide for me. She has had such amazing results with Scott, that she knew I would too, but since I live in Ohio and quite obviously train with Scott one on one, she thought his book would be the next best thing, and she was right. I've had the book for 3 weeks and I've already seen dramatic results. I can't believe it! For the first time ever, I'm actually losing weight quickly and easily. It's been so easy that I don't even mind working out anymore. Thanks Scott!



Does it seem like you go from one weight loss diet to another without ever LOSING weight? Well that's your problem, you shouldn't be dieting! Dieting only slows down your metabolism and puts your body into starvation mode. If you want to lose weight then you need to increase your metabolism and to increase your metabolism you need to eat more. Now that doesn't mean that you can chow down at McDonald's every day or indulge in 3 bowls of ice cream and a box of cookies each night. No, what this means is that you need to start eating healthier, more nutrient rich organic food, more often.


 In Scott's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! he offers easy to follow daily meal plans, that introduce you to organic, free-range proteins and vegetables and fruit. Eating healthy to lose weight is not about starving yourself, it's about eating the right foods at the right times. It's ok to snack, because your body needs food to fuel itself, you just need to make sure that you are snacking on the right foods. Scott even believes that it is ok to indulge yourself every once in awhile, because let's face it when you can't have something it only makes you want it more, and with Scott's program he teaches you how you can indulge occasionally, just so long as your indulgences don't overshadow your nutritional needs and long term health.


Many people believe that eating healthy means that you are eating boring foods. Not so. There are dozens of ways to season and cook your food to make it delicious as well as nutritious. In fact Scott is so convinced that eating healthy can taste good that he has created a DVD collection about how to cook healthy foods.


Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! offers daily menus, advice on how to prepare organic food and where to shop for it, as well as guidance on what to order when eating out. Being healthy doesn't mean that you can't go out for dinner occasionally and it doesn't mean that all you can eat is tofu and celery. Eating healthy is about making smarter choices about your food, not denying or starving your body from the foods it loves.




All of Scott's exercise and nutritional programs offer detailed workouts/menus that are easy to understand and easy to follow. So easy in fact, it's like having Scott as your own personal trainer and nutritionist. So buy Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! and start losing weight TODAY!


So there is no reason to wait. If you want a leaner, healthier body, if you want to lose weight and feel great, if you want to start eating healthy, then now is your chance.


Who Scott Is — and Why He’s Qualified to Teach You This StuffPersonal Trainer Scott White celebrity personal trainer to the stars and arizona's top personal trainer.

Scott White is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer who is sought out by top clients around the world; he has trained models, athletes, fitness, bikini, bodybuilders, figure competitors, and professionals and consulted with many others to help them achieve maximal results. Scott is an Optimal Performance Exercise Kinesiologist whose credentials include a BS in Kinesiology from Arizona State University and International Sports Science Association certification.

Scott has modeled professionally and worked with many fitness models in his career as a professional trainer. Since 1998, Scott has been offering expert fitness training and providing nutritional guidance for optimal results to elite clients, including:



l Producers of major motion 

    pictures, and primetime TV shows

l Directors of major motion

    pictures, and primetime TV shows

l Top actors from hot TV shows and

    major films

l Stuntmen from Pirates of the

    Caribbean and other motion


l Major agents for models and


l Olympic medal winners

l Professional football players from

    the Arizona Cardinals,    

    Philadelphia Eagles, and San

    Francisco 49ers

l Collegiate football players from

    UCLA, Stanford, Arizona

    State University, University of

    Arizona, Oregon, and other major

    universities around the nation


l Top soccer professionals

l Professional elite boxers and the

    top female boxer in the world

l Top-ranked professional beach

    volleyball players

l World-class surfers

l World Series all-stars and some of

    baseball’s greats

l NBA and WNBA players, as well

    as professional basketball players

    from abroad

l Collegiate athletes in tennis, track,

    basketball, wrestling, football,

    gymnastics, and golf

l Professional and amateur golfers

    to improve their game, power and

    flexibility to hit the ball with

    greater speed and accuracy

l World-class ultimate fighters and

    cage fighters



In addition to training this extensive list of elite clients, Scott has also created fitness programs for individuals, schools, church groups, civic and community groups, retirees, mentally and physically challenged individuals, people recovering from surgeries and other injuries, as well as many others. Each has been able to accomplish their fitness goals because Scott worked with them to help them design programs tailored to their individual needs.


Besides being a world-class trainer and certified nutritionist, Scott white is an educator who has been lecturing and advising all levels of fitness seekers for years, teaching them the secrets about how to get lean quickly and safely, because of Scott's training, many of his clients have achieved huge successes outside of their specific fitness goals. Getting in shape gives them confidence and self-esteem that allows them to pursue goals they would never have dreamed possible before they took the steps to getting serious about sculpting their bodies to be as gorgeous as they can be. Virtually all of Scott's clients have increased their income, all because of a renewed confidence within themselves. Some have landed promotions, begun speaking careers, and been invited to participate in amazing joint-venture partnerships. Scott's thorough fitness and nutrition knowledge, coupled with his insider secrets, enables him to constantly produce results for his fitness clients.


Would you like to learn the secrets to getting in shape, losing weight and increasing your muscle mass through exercise? Learn how in his book,
Scott White's

Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!


Scott has consulted with other personal trainers, fitness models, celebrities, stuntmen, and elite athletes about their nutrition and training programs, helping all of them refine their skills to quickly and efficiently achieve results that keep them at the top of their game. He works with top business professionals to help them reach an amazing level of health and vitality. His holistic approach to fitness, health, and nutrition produces unbelievable fitness results that enable his clients to maximize success beyond just the physical, but in every area of their lives as well. Although Scott trains his clients for improved athletic performance as it relates to power, speed, agility, strength, balance, energy, and all other forms of physical conditioning, they also seek him out for his great skill and knowledge in the area of personal motivation.


Clients work with Scott because he is an elite trainer who can get them: 

  • The six-pack they need for a major movie

  • The sleek, tight butt and super-lean physique for their next modeling  job

  • An overall healthy, happy, enriched, fulfilled life with tons of energy.

You don't have to be a professional athlete, superstar model, or celebrity for Scott's extensive knowledge to benefit you. He works with people from all walks of life who are ready to take their health, fitness, and success to the highest level. No matter what your goal is — whether it is to get improve your athletic performance, become one of the top fitness models in the world, get ready for a new film role, improve your vertical leap, run faster, train for a specific event, or simply gain better physical and mental health — Scott knows how to help you reach it. Scott has the fitness knowledge and training experience to teach you the secrets that will get you the results you’re after. Results are everything — and that is what Scott offers!



Your Investment

If you are ready to take the next step and really achieve full physical health, to lose weight, increase muscle mass and get in fantastic shape, then Scott White's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! is for you.

If you are even remotely interested in learning the truth about losing weight and what exercises are the best for immediate results, then you owe it to yourself to at least try Scott White's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!

We know that not everyone has the commitment to lose weight, but if you are serious about getting in shape, then we guarantee that you will see dramatic results. If you purchase this book and follow its instructions — if you are willing to work hard and follow the guidelines — then you will lose weight, build muscle, getting healthy and fit for what might be the first time in your life. Scott welcomes a challenge and if you are ready to make a positive change in your life then he will be with you to help you along the way.

If you're one of those special people who are ready to make the commitment and willing to put forth the effort, then come on board with Scott White and ORDER NOW, because "just thinking about it" never led anyone to the body of their dreams.

Besides the Book, You Get... 


  1. Constant Updates, Bonuses and New Versions of the Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!

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I want to be sure that you have every tool, technique, and tip you could possibly need to guarantee your success — so I am giving away a Bonus 'Toolbox' of 6 SUPER BONUSES —



Bonus #1 Constant Updates, bonuses and new versions of the Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!

Receive all of the updates and always stay on top of the latest exercises and nutritional advice, to keep you at your fittest. We are constantly learning new techniques and consulting with leading experts who can offer the advice that will help you continue to lose weight and build muscles successfully.

We want to make sure that you always get the latest information, so that you can stay ahead of the game and continue to see results with your training, nutrition, and competition — so we constantly work on improving this guide book, providing you access to the latest versions for free, as well as many more super bonuses that we feel will benefit you.

Feel free to ask us questions and let us know how the programs have helped you. This will enable us to ensure that we offer only the best value, teaching our clients exactly what they need to know to winning a competition.

Valued at $179... yours FREE!  


Bonus #2 9 Free Exercise, Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, and Total Health         E-books.


  • The secret training employed by Martial Artists.

  • How to breath to inhale the maximum from life.

  • How Navy Seals exercise, as well as their training program.

  • What bodybuilders do to train to gain so much mass. 

  • How to weight train with basic exercise to teach proper technique.

  • Amazing herbs and their healing properties from ancient times.

  • Total health and healing programs.

Free e-books on every subject you want to know more about. We want you to have all of the knowledge at your finger tips, so don't waste your time by trying to learn from other programs when you can choose our fitness training program that includes these amazing free e-books and amazing programs that teach you everything you need to learn about fitness training to design a fitness program for you and your body.

Stop reading magazine articles that promise unheard of results and that are all hype based by trying to sell their supplement program. Start off right by getting this program which includes all these secrets and more.

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Bonus #3 Free Copy of Personal Power Training Daily Log Pages.

by Scott White

As business success strategist Tom Peters is known to say, “What gets measured gets done.” One of the best ways to stay on track with your fitness regimen is by seeing yourself making daily progress. The Personal Power Training Daily Log Pages will enable you to do just that.

Finally — a method to record and track your progress that will ensure your success as you design your personal training regimen to achieve your own personal results.

Track your exercise program as it shifts to meet your needs. Record the changes as you increase your levels of resistance. Record the increase in the weights you are lifting. Record your cardio workouts. Do a daily accounting of your meals and protein intake.

Valued at $79... yours FREE!


Bonus #4 Free Copy of "Personal Power Training Yearly Calendar” to Help You Track Your Progress.

by Scott White

Even more important than daily progress are the aggregate results of your daily progress. This calendar will enable you to see all the of daily progress and get an overview of the results you are achieving from all of your hard work.

At a glance, you can see the measurable weight lost, inches shed, muscle gained, stamina increased...all of which will keep you motivated to move towards your ultimate goal.

Valued at $19.95... yours FREE!


Bonus #5 30-minute Phone Consultation With Established Personal Trainer.

Stop wasting time fumbling around trying to tailor a program to meet your needs all on your own. This is your opportunity to ask the questions that will quickly jump-start your efforts to design a program that meets your personal needs TODAY.

Learn secrets that will help you cut through the clutter and hit-or-miss success strategies so that you can design your program to achieve success, from the very first set you perform. Consult our professional trainers to learn what it takes to design the best personal training program to fit your needs.

Valued at $150... yours FREE!


Bonus #6 Free Copy of How To Hire a Qualified Personal Trainer.

by Scott White

This is the best book for learning the secrets about how to hire a qualified personal will save you thousands of dollars and hours of time searching for a trainer or even worse working with an unqualified trainer who only wastes your time and money because they don't have a clue about how to get you into fitness-model shape.

Finally, a book that teaches you what to look for when hiring a highly motivated, successful personal trainer. No more working with fly-by-night personal trainers who don't know the difference between fat and fit. Hire a personal trainer who has your best interests at heart and knows how to get you super-lean and ultra-fit so that you can be in the best shape of your life. Reading this book is guaranteed to save you precious time and money.

Valued at $97... yours FREE!



Scott White


P.S. If you don't claim a copy of Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!
 e-book NOW, when WILL you begin taking the steps toward your dream of having that perfect body? And how will you KNOW the steps to take that will set you apart from the thousands of others like you who don't know where to begin to reach their fitness goals?

Is the kind of success we've discussed on this page within your reach? It can be! The alternative is staying stuck in your rut, with the same flabby gut and butt that you've always had. The choice is up to you.

I can't promise that you will become the hardest body on the beach using my system, because I don't know you...your background...your commitment...or your motivation. However, if you are willing to work hard and follow all of the steps outlined in my Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!  e-book,

you will dramatically increase your odds of losing weight and building muscle.



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Scott White's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!
 is an e-book that you download directly onto your desktop. This means no waiting — there is nothing to be shipped, and no outrageous Federal Express charges! As soon as you order, you can begin mastering the techniques needed to build muscle and shed fat super fast!




Growing up I was always thin and never worried about my weight, however when I started college I gained that dreaded "freshman 15" and unfortunately just kept going. As I gained weight, I began to lose my confidence. I felt so self-conscious about my body that I began to shy away from men. I stopped dating altogether by my sophomore year and just threw myself into my studies. My long hours in class and at the library didn't give me much time for exercising and the spare time I did have, I would have never spent it at a gym. Well last spring I graduated Magna Cum Laude, I guess all of that studying paid off. However upon graduation, despite my great achievements I wasn't happy and decided I needed to make some changes to my life before I started grad school. Knowing how great I was at studying I began to do some research on the web, and after a lot of failed attempts at workout routines that didn't provide results, I came across Personal Power Training and Scott's book Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! And while I didn't consider myself a beginner it had been so long since I had exercised I figured I might as well start at the beginning. So about 6 weeks ago I began the program, and let me tell you I have never regretted it since. I have already lost that "freshman 15" and now I am working on all of the other weight I gained while in school, and even though I still have a ways to go, I feel better than I ever have before! I've even started dating again, which is something else I could use a beginner's guide to. Maybe Scott will write that book next. In the meantime though I will keep following the exercise program in Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results! and continue to see amazing results.




NOTE: Scott White's Beginner's Exercise Guide to Amazing Results!
 is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS so you can download the e-book and all of the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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