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Facts about Indoor Air Quality

  • According to the American College of Allergies, 50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) themselves declare that indoor air is anywhere from 2 to 10 times more hazardous than outdoor air.
  • The EPA also warns us that the indoor air quality is the United States' number one environmental health problem.
  • Today's homes and buildings are built air-tight, and contain a long list of pollution sources. As a result, natural air-cleansing agents such as ozone and negative ions are kept out, while contaminants are kept in.
  • A recent study found that the allergen level in super-insulated homes is 200% higher than it is in ordinary homes.
  • According to Scientific America, a baby crawling on the floor inhales the equivalent of 4 cigarettes a day, as a result of the out-gassing of carpets, molds, mildews, fungi, dust mites, etc.
  • Most people spend well over 90% of their time indoors. In which case, indoor air is going to impact our health far more than outdoor air. 

The EPA informs us that 6 out of 10 homes and buildings are "sick", meaning they are hazardous to your health to occupy as a result of airborne pollutants.

How to start : Use the following systems and recommendations to clean and purify your air quality in the home and office. These systems will help eliminate mold, airborne toxins, chemicals, odors, bacteria, fungus, pollen and other contaminants. We recommend a number of different approaches to maximize your health:

1. XJ-2100 Ionic Air Purifier (black) – Even in normal indoor environments, there is a high level of pollutants that can aggravate the respiratory system, especially if you have asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory problem. Our Surround Air Ionizer purification system will thoroughly and economically purify most or all of your home, without the risk of generating excessive ozone. The high density of negative ions produced by Surround Air Ionizers will effectively remove many of the floating particles in the air, most of which are not visible to the naked eye. Even most of the airborne bacteria is removed since their primary means of locomotion is by floating dust particles.

2. Surround Air Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air PurifierXJ-3000D Air  Purifier  –  offers the most effective air purifier for the cost! Our Surround Air XJ-3000D purifier is perfect for home or work air purification. It is a HEPA & ionic air purifier with germicidal UV light which helps with dust, smoke, allergies, asthma, viruses, and odors. No other air purifier combines these leading technologies: air ionizer, germicidal UV Light, HEPA air filter, activated carbon air filter, optional/programmable ozone production, inexpensive air filter replacement, clean and easy air filter replacement, and quiet and powerful fan.


Compared to the Competition

Features XJ-3000D
Oreck Air Purifier
High Efficiency Filter (HEPA) Yes No No
Fan - Strong Air Movement Yes No Yes
Germicidal UV Lamp Yes No No
Programmable Sanitizer Yes No No
High Negative Ion Output Yes No Yes
Noise Quiet Silent Quiet
Energy Efficient Yes Yes Yes
Price $299 $349 $349
Sewer Gas (H2S) Reduction 90% 1% n/a

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Ionic BreezeTM is a registered trademark of The Sharper Image.

Surround Air Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air Purifier Surround Air XJ-3000D Purifier
"Ionic BreezeTM Quadra" Purifiers


Now let me drop a note to how much we love our [XJ-3000] air cleaner! It is more effective than Sharper Image's Quadra. I am more than satisfied. I am delighted beyond belief as to how well this product works. I have had the most expensive hepa filters and none compare to your product. I am so lucky to have found you. - C. McElrath, New York

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The Surround Air "Multi-Tech" XJ-3000D is a true air ionizer that produces air-cleaning negative ions, while the Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifiers produce only very low amounts. The air-cleaning benefits of negative ions are well understood and established in the scientific community. The Multi-Tech XJ-3000D contains two high-density negative ion generators.

Air Filters versus Metal Collector Plates

The Ionic Breeze uses a metal collector plate grid to collect particles, while the XJ-3000D ionic air filter uses a HEPA and activated carbon combination air filter system. Since the XJ-3000D uses a fan to draw air in, it collects far more particulate. Plus, the HEPA and activated carbon room air filters are far more absorbent than metal collection plates, preventing trapped particles from becoming recirculated into the air.

Fan versus No Fan

The Ionic Breeze is fan-less, making it virtually silent. The XJ-3000D uses a fan that is fairly quiet (especially on the low setting), making it effective at drawing a high volume of particulate into its cartridge of air filters. The fan also circulates the negative ions much more thoroughly throughout a room or area compared to a fan-less ionic air purifier.

Germicidal UV Light Purification

The Multi-Tech XJ-3000D from Surround Air now offers a germicidal UV lamp to destroy germs, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. The Ionic Breeze Quadra does not offer this added germicidal protection, but the Ionic Breeze GP does. The Ionic Breeze GP is priced at $499.

Ozone Control

Both the XJ-3000D ionic air filter and the Ionic Breeze produce ozone. Ozone has air cleaning ability, but it can also cause a strong, bleach-like smell, which is not always wanted. With the XJ-3000D, the ozone can be completely turned off without having to disable the negative ions, or the air filtration for that matter. In order to disable the ozone in the Ionic Breeze, it has to be turned off, although it produces only very low levels of ozone.

The ozone output of the XJ-3000D can also be set to a significantly higher level than what the Ionic Breeze can create, making it more effective at removing odors when needed.


The XJ-3000D HEPA & ionic air purifier is much more affordable, starting at $127, and is priced as low as $129 per unit when purchased in quantities of six or more. The Ionic Breeze retails at $350 ($175 for a second unit). The XJ-3000D HEPA & ionic air purifier does have the HEPA/activated carbon air filter combination cartridge that needs to be replaced every one to two years, but it costs just $32 per replacement.

Power Consumption

The XJ-3000D HEPA & ionic air purifier uses just 40 watts of electricity, which equates to just a few bucks or so a month in electricity costs. The Ionic Breeze uses just 10 watts.

Surround Air Multi-Tech II XJ-3000D Air PurifierMulti-Tech XJ-3000D Surround Air HEPA & Ionic Air Purifier

Combining the Strengths of the Top 5 Technologies
while Eliminating the Drawbacks of Each.



The 5 Top Air Purification Technologies -
High-Output Air Ionizer for allergens, bacteria, viruses, chemicals and more.
* 99.97% Efficient HEPA Air Filter for particles including dust and mold spores.
* Germicidal UV Light for destroying microbiological pollutants such as viruses, germs, bacteria and fungi (such as mold).
* Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases, odors, and cigarette smoke.
* Programmable Ozone for strong odors and filter sanitization. Can be completely disabled without affecting other functions.

Covers 500 sq. ft., Pricing starts at $127.

Additional information J-3000D Air  Purifier


1. Put live plants in each room of your home and office

2. Use natural cleaning products and carpet deodorizers

3. Remove the carpet from the home and replace with tile or hardwoods.

4. Use an Aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse essential oils

5. Change your A/C filters every three months

6. Spray your vents with a solution of 50% Hydrogen peroxide and 50% distilled water every three months and wipe clean. Fill in an empty spray bottle.

7. Use full spectrum lighting in home


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