Fat doesn’t show up on your body overnight.  If you’re overweight, it didn’t happen in one sitting or as a result of one brownie or deluxe cheeseburger.  Many, if not most people have terrible habits that have been contributing to their weight issues for a long time.  So, guess what?  Getting rid of the fat is going to take some time and work, too!

Virtually every successful weight loss program involves three things:

l       Weight training

l       Cardio exercise

l       Good nutrition

If you’re tired of being overweight, out of shape, having low energy, not being as active as you used to be, being unable to breathe or walk long distances, getting winded just trying to keep up with your kids . . . maybe you’re finally ready to take your weight loss seriously.  The professional trainers at Personal Power Training can help you look better, feel better, feel younger, and have a whole lot more energy.  Call today to schedule your first appointment: 480-628-1607.


The Assessment

Because every person’s body and bio-chemistry is unique, what works for one of us might not work for another. The very first step — before you even hire your trainer or begin your training regimen — is to schedule a fitness assessment with one of our personal trainers. This assessment reviews your goals, history, measurements, and nutritional information. At this time, you will be shown the exercises necessary to achieve the results you desire, and will work with your potential trainer to design a custom program to meet your needs. Our assessments are very thorough and will reveal how you function and how you personally prioritize your fitness goals.

With your input, your prospective trainer will design a program based on many facets of your health, such as: your fitness level, your strength, your posture, your muscle strengths and weaknesses, and your flexibility. Tight muscles will cause your body to function improperly, so we want to determine your flexibility to learn which exercise regimen will be best-suited to your needs. We want you to get the very best results possible!

Personal Power Training offers one of the most comprehensive fitness assessments available so we can deliver the best program for you, one that is designed for your specific body and health that will give you immediate results. Why waste any more time on sub-par training and advice? Get the training that will get you results immediately and start burning fat right away. No more frustrating time spent on bad advice — get the advice get that weight to fly off your body! Call now to set up your fitness assessment. Assessments start out at $60/hour in our studio.


Our personal training programs include everything you need to get the results you want.  It’s all about your goals and the specific results you desire.  We custom design nutrition and exercise programs to get help you achieve your goals.  We educate you so that you can live healthy and fit for the rest of your life.  We follow a very holistic program when training you, examining your nutrition, exercise habits, lifestyle, personal stresses, and other issues that might be holding you back.  To read more about our programs click here.

For optimal results contacts us now: 480-628-1607.

Private Personal Training

Private personal training consists of working with a personal trainer in our private fitness studio or in your home. Based on your assessment, the personal trainer you hire will develop a nutritional program and exercise program tailored to your needs that will let you see results right away. Our program is specific to get you the exact results you seek. We don't waste time with programs that are less than optimal, eliminating the frustration you may have experienced, in terms of not getting results working with other trainers. We always want you to be happy and will work to keep you motivated to lose the fat and get healthy. We constantly push you past your comfort zones, so you always continue improving as you move closer to your goals.

Personal Power Training takes a much more educational approach — we teach you correct movements, stressing correct form first. Our personal trainers make sure you perform every exercise correctly. We also know that one of the best ways to get you to stick to your workout regimen is if you are always having fun — so we continually change up the workouts so you never get bored. We have exercise programs in every modality, from those for beginners to the severely overweight to elite athletes to those who just want to maintain their current great health. Whatever your fitness goals are, we have the programs to get you the best results.

The circuit machines many people utilize at most gyms typically don't get you the best results. They generally work one muscle only and as a result, they cannot provide the well-rounded exercises that will give you the complete workout you require. Our trainers teach you proper technique and are on hand, working with you to make sure that you perform every exercise correctly.

To begin your forward progress and start getting results NOW, call: 480-628-1607 

Buddy Sessions

Train with your best friend, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or child. Enjoy the support of a buddy while you both learn to exercise and eat correctly.  A buddy system will make sure you both show up every time — and, you get a price break on the training program.  What a deal: a lower the cost for yourself and having your buddy train with you so you can both enjoy looking great and being healthy!

Training with your child is a great way to set an excellent example, stay fit and healthy for life, and never worry about paying a doctor thousands of dollars because you didn't take care of your health or that of your family.  Buddy training is every bit as intense as our private personal training — we will keep both of you moving and make sure you both get great results while you learn how to stay fit forever.  If you and your buddy want a super deal to get super lean, call now: 480-628-1607.

Group Sessions: As Low as($15/class)

Train with a couple of your friends, some family members, or a few co-workers. Group training requires a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 people at one time.  For those opting for the benefit of group training, our expert fitness staff will keep you moving and on task with your nutrition. Support each other while you stay fit; make sure everyone in the group is showing up and training hard.  When you have two other friends, family members, or co-workers who are focusing on the same fitness and health goals, it makes it a whole lot easier for you to stay fit, because the people you spend time with influence what you do and what you eat.  If you hang around unhealthy people, you’re a lot more likely to be unhealthy and make bad choices when it comes to eating and exercising.  Likewise, if you hang around with poor people, you most likely will be poor yourself.  Like it or not, it’s been proven that your friends influence who you are.  So if you’re not liking the results you’re getting lately, it might be time to reevaluate the people you’re spending the most time with.  If that’s all in order, maybe you just need to get a group together and start a training program!

If you want to be fit, get some friends, family members, or co-workers to create a contract with you to all work out together.  Make it easier on all of you to enjoy the life you want and deserve.  You can’t go wrong with group training — it offers a built-in support network and a real savings over the cost of individual training.  To move forward with your friends, family, or co-workers, call now to train as a group: 480-628-1607.

In Home Personal Training

Would you rather have your personal trainer come to train you in your home?  So your equipment is minimal? Just say the word and we will bring the equipment and the trainer to you!  Our personal trainers know how to create training and exercise programs which require hardly any equipment and still get you great results!

If you need help purchasing fitness equipment, we can provide expert guidance to make sure you purchase only the best quality equipment for you home or office.

Hire a personal trainer to come to your home so you can enjoy the comfort of training in your own home. We understand busy schedules, so let our trainers come to you, allowing you to maximize your time and get the best results!  We’ll keep you focused so you don't have to spend time driving to the gym where you have to change, workout, shower, and change again.  We will come to your home or office and train you on the spot!  Call now to get in-home personal training: 480-628-1607.


Private Personal Training (1 hour sessions):

$45/session for 144 sessions $540/month   Total: $6480
$55/session for 72 sessions $660/month   Total: $3960
$60/session for 36 sessions $720/month   Total: $2160
$70/ session for 24 sessions $840/month     $1680
$80/ session for 1-12 sessions        

Private Personal Training Sessions (30 min sessions):

$25/session for 144 sessions $300/month   Total: $3600
$30/session for 72 sessions $360/month   Total: $2160
$32.5/session for 36 sessions $390/month   Total: $1170
$37.5 session for 24 sessions $450/month   Total: $900
$40/ session for 1-12 sessions        

In-Home Training Sessions:

$60/session for 144 sessions $660/month   Total: $3960
$70/session for 72 sessions $840/month   Total: $5040
$80/session for 36 sessions $960/month   Total: $2880
$90/ session for 24 sessions $1080/month   Total: $2160
$100/ session for 1-12 sessions        

Private Personal Training Sessions with Scott White

$80/session for 144 sessions $960/month   Total: $11520
$90/session for 72 sessions $1080/month   Total: $6480
$100/session for 36 sessions $1200/month   Total: $3600
$110/ session for 24 sessions $1320/month   Total: $2640
$120/ session for 1-12 sessions        

More Price options for other Training programs Group Fitness Classes/ Bootcamp Class

Bootcamp/Group training

Monthly Investmet:

1 x a week:  $49
2 x a week: $79
3 x a week:  $99
Unlimmited x a week: $399


Try your first Class Free:


*Training packages may be broken down into a monthly payment plan to fit everyone's needs upon your request. The 144 session plan is broken into 12 payments, the 72 session plan is broken into 6 payments, the 36 session plan is broken into 3 payments, and the 24 plan is broken into 2 payments. All payment plans are based off you coming 3 times a week. Depending on what training package you want to do we can adjust paymant plans acordinly.


**Training Packages may very dependent on the trainer and location.


Private fitness studio: 7645 E. Evans Rd. #4 Scottsdale AZ 85260

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